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Your Claim Matters...


At Deitsch & Wright P.A., we know how hard it can be to get your claim paid on your own. The insurance company hired its attorneys long before you made your claim, and now you need to level the playing field. Since opening our doors in 2002, Deitsch & Wright P.A. has handled more than 50,000 Insurance claims on behalf of Floridians and have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients.  

The attorneys at Deitsch & Wright, P.A. are trained to deal with the insurance company and get you the best results possible.  The insurance companies' own studies have shown that client's represented by attorneys receive higher settlements and faster total response to their claims. 

Whether you have sustained injuries due to the negligence of another or you have experienced an insured loss to your home, business, or person, you need to make the call to Deitsch & Wright P.A.and put our years of experience to work for you.  

We help our clients steer clear of the pitfalls hiding in every insurance claim. Pitfalls which could mean the difference between getting your claim paid, or getting nothing.


Steve Deitsch was born in Long Island, New York.  Even as a small child he couldn’t stand to see people bullied.  By the time he was five, he made up his mind to become a lawyer, to stand up for and protect people being unfairly victimized. As he came of age, got his degree and began practicing law, the mission became still more specific:

To advocate for Floridians being bullied and victimized by Big Insurance. To rack up wins for Everyday People with covered claims and insurable losses, in the difficult aftermath of car accidents, slip & fall injuries, animal bites and other personal bodily injuries, homeowner and property damage insurance claim denials, nursing home neglect and injury...and more.


In the 17 years since opening Deitsch & Wright, the firm has handled thousands of cases and recovered millions of dollars for clients who've fallen victim to car accidents, slip and fall accidents, bodily injury caused by someone else's negligence, uninsured motorist incidents; and insurance company denials, underpayments and late-with-no-interest payments for covered hurricane damages and other covered home and property damage claims.

As a teenager he moved to Tampa Florida, where he stayed for college (University of South Florida) and law school (Stetson College of Law).  Graduating in 1999 he began his legal career as a trial attorney for the Pinellas County, Public Defender’s office.

For the next three years Mr. Deitsch represented some of Florida’s most desperate citizens.  Along with his future law partner (and wife) Kerri Wright, the pair fought passionately for their clients, often winning cases against steep odds, and heavy intimidation. 

In 2002, Mr. Deitsch and Ms. Wright relocated to South Florida and opened their first office.  As managing partner Mr. Deitsch has stuck to the firm's core mission, providing top legal protection to Floridians with Personal Injury, PIP Auto Accident, and Homeowner/Business/Property Damage claims.  His passion for seeking Justice, combined with a winning personality and sharp litigation skills, have made him a formidable presence in front of juries and judges alike.

Mr. Deitsch and Ms. Wright have been married since 2004 and live with four children and many pets, in Lake Worth, Florida. When he has a little "spare time", Mr. Deitsch enjoys playing guitar and bass, reading, and mountain biking. 

Kerri Wright Deitsch is a founding partner at Deitsch & Deitsch. Always ready to stand up, speak out and advocate for the “little guy” facing formidable foes -- such as insurance companies seeking to avoid full, fair payment for legitimate injury, property damage and other covered claims and insurable losses. Kerri views The Law as one of society's "great equalizers" -- and relishes using it, along with her 17 years of of experience, to gain Justice for Deitsch & Deitsch clients.  

An “almost native” of Florida, Kerri moved with her parents to The Sunshine State at 3 years old from the Philippines, where her father was a Navy physician.  She grew up in the Tampa area, attended University of South Florida SF for her undergraduate studies, where she received a scholarship for track and field.


A Cum Laude graduate of Stetson College of Law in St. Petersburg, Florida, Kerri was honored to receive a a Public Service Fellowship.  Prior to founding Deitsch & Wright with husband-to-be Steve in 2002, she was a felony Deputy Public Defender for the 17th Circuit Court in Broward County. For 3 years, Kerri represented indigent clients charged with serious crimes at both the trial and appellate case levels.  One of many highlights of her trial work include gaining a “Not Guilty” verdict in a Grand Theft Auto case where the accused was caught driving the vehicle.  That made it difficult, but Kerri believed in her client, and her legal prowess and powers of persuasion convinced the jury to agree, and acquit.


In more recent years, Kerri has continued to work on select criminal and civil cases, while increasingly specializing in DUI and suspended driver's license cases. As a veteran lawyer, litigator and South Florida resident, Kerri is especially knowledgeable about the ways in which, for some clients, criminal traffic violations can lead to questions about and problems with legal immigration status.  

In addition to trial experience, Ms. Deitsch excels at a procedural device in law called "motion practice" -- which brings a limited but contested issue before a court for decision; and by combining explanation of complex details, prior case law precedents, and compelling legal arguments, can win a case before a jury is ever even sworn in.


Kerri and Steve married in 2004 and have 4 children together.  In her scant free time, Kerri loves reading, running, ice skating, and agriculture -- and the Deitsch family not only loves agriculture, they also use what Kerri calls their "South Florida Homestead" to pasture-raise chickens and harvest organic chicken eggs...along with an assortment of tropical fruits from their mango, papaya and other trees.


Kerri believes strongly in "Giving Back" to one's community, and is an active member of Junior League of the Palm Beaches.  She also teaches children's classes in yoga, art and cooking; and is member-at-large of Palm Beach's “So Booked” book club.

Kerri believes deeply in Deitsch & Deitsch’s core mission of protecting Florida families.  Change, Kerri reminds us, is inevitable; families are forever.  


A favorite quote of Kerri's:


Knowledge is not enough, we must apply, Willing is not enough, we must do

                                                                                                -----Bruce Lee

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